Monday, December 10, 2007

Bye Bye Playoffs

In a game which showcased anything and everything that has gone wrong with the Bears this season, Chicago took another defeat at the hands of the Washington Redskins on Thursday night, dropping to 5-8 and virtually shredding any last playoff aspirations. Injuries, penalties, inconsistent QB/RB play, mediocre blocking, giving up 3rd and Long conversions on defense etc; It wasnt pretty!

Grossman was the first to go down after being sacked from his blind side and landing awkwardly. MRI came back to reveal just a sprain, but it is unlikely he will play again this season. That opens the door to the biggest question of the upcoming off season: who will start at QB for the Bears next season? It's blatantly obvious that Griese is a back-up quarterback and should return in that same role. I believe the Bears should definiltey give Kyloe Orton some playing time over their last 3 games. Although they aren't yet mathematically eliminated from playoff contention yet, it is highly unlikely they will find a way to get in. With Grossman out and Griese's status as a back-up pretty certain, it's time to see what Orton can do.

The Bears have a lot of question marks when looking forward to 2008 at several key positions. David Haugh, the bears beat writer for the trib, reviewed many of the obstacles facing the bears for '08. Once the season comes to an official close, we here at Chicago Sports World will break down the entire Bears team by looking forward to '08. For the time being, lets see if they can finish the season on a postivie note and get back to .500!! Hard to beleive at this time last year, we were getting ready to celebrate a division title and first round playoff BYE on our way to the superbowl...

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