Monday, November 26, 2007

Thank YOU Devin Hester!

In what turned out to be one of the more exciting week 12 games, your Chicago Bears improved to 5-6 and still have a shred of hope for a potential wild card berth. Once again Devin Hester and the special teams unit came up huge with two touchdowns and a blocked punt, keeping the bears in the game when it seemed as though the offense would be lucky to cross the 50 yard line! Give Rex and offense some credit though, as they looked very sharp when it mattered most with a 12 play 65 yard drive over 2:30, scoring the tying touchdown with only 28 seconds remaining.

It's safe to say that Rex Grossman threw the ball fairly well yesterday, despite modest numbers of 17-33 for 193 yards with 1 TD/INT. Grossman also displayed a lot of poise during the final three minutes of regulation while running the no huddle and moving the bears right down the field. I will stick with the compliments here and not mention his two lost fumbles... ok so I did mention it!

Despite the positive outcome of Sunday's game, the Bears looked, for the most part, as mediocre and inconsistent as they have all season. We still have not seen them string together 4 solid quarters of football in any one game. With 5 games left to play (Giants, Redskins, Vikings, Packers, Saints) the Bears need to find a way to string together some consistent football without the big mistakes (turnovers, penalties) if they have any hope at all to squeak into the playoffs. At first glance, the Saints/Vikings games look to be the easiest out of the 5 games remaining. However, the NYG come to Soldier field next week having dropped two of their last 3 games and not playing well at all. These last five games are even more relevant when considering that the Giants have the lead for the first wild card spot right now, while the Redskins/Viking/Saints all currently share the same 5-6 mark where the Bears are at. The Detroit Lions after starting the season at 6-2 have now dropped 3 straight and are staring at 5 tough games to finish off the season (Vikings/Cowboys/Chargers/Chiefs/Packers). Therefore, the Bears control their own destiny to some point and are certainly still alive in the playoff chase.

The big question now is... can the Bears find some way to sustain a 4/5 game winning streak?

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